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Here are a few samples of artist videos that I've put together and uploaded to youtube... You can view more of my videos on my youtube channel

"Never Be Lonely" - Paul Burton, June 2010

Paul Burton's song about the joys of being a musician! Featuring the 611 singers, and the "ugly stick" from Newfoundland!

Dean Ray - Senorita
recorded October 2009

Watch for Dean's new full length CD coming soon!

Lenny Howell singing his original song, "Jimmy Kay"
recorded in October, 2009. That's Lenny's son, Reese playing the acoustic.

Juno Brown

performing their original song, "Chasin' You"

Ted Godwin

video of the set up for his jazz concert at Beatniq's in Calgary, September 2008

Dean Ray

singing his original tune, "Across the Sky"

Anthony Neufeld

original song "My Position"

Neil Gow

some silly Oktoberfest fun!

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