Lenny Howell
- Canadian recording artist, guitarist and sonwriter

promo video of his original song, "Jimmy Kay"

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"Soul Bearing"

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Biography of Lenny Howell

Born in Rainy River, ON on February 6, 1957. I started to play guitar when I was 7
so my brothers would play with me (long line of pickers & grinners).

I grew up listening to my father’s Jim Reeves albums & even though he was an
old cowboy, he tolerated the Black Sabbath rehearsals in the farmhouse,
& my mother would always say “That’s very nice Lenny, now play ‘Proud Mary’.”

Played my first high school dance at 12 when I was still in public school. Cool!

At 18, turned professional & began my apprenticeship, playing across Canada
with the likes of Valdy, Murray McLaughlin & others who would allow me to express myself.

Thanks to Ida Banks & her western Canada agency, I was able to experience
performing live for various audiences & continue my apprenticeship.
Thanks Ida, I will always love you!

Twenty years is a long time, but in 2004, I met Miles Jackson & he showed me the
magic of all those people I wish I would have apprenticed with…. so here it is!! Hope you enjoy it!!


.....on a personal note ..this project took 5 years and we believe was worth it ... I can only hope you do too!!

- Lenny Howell


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