Here are some old band pix

These are a few of the bands I played with in the 60's and 70's....

This video courtesy of Jim Lewis, the bass player in this clip! Jim says 1970...
Al Mix on guitar, Paul Burton on drums and myself on hammond... Recoreded live at the Apollo club in Calgary  by the crew at CFCN for the "Come Together" show with Barry Allen.

Barry Allen and the Cheyenne Winter... about 1971, as I barely recall... :-)

more "Come Together" clips


Pat Parsons, Rick Smith, Randy Lloyd, Paul Burton,
Miles Jackson in 1967

The "Black and White Affair"
Barry Allen and the Cheyenne Winter
Miles Jackson, Mike Gillis, Ron Casat, Bev Sjoberg,
Bill Eaglesham, Gary Bird, Vaughn Slymon in 1975
Paul Dean, Jim Lewis, Miles Jackson, Ray McAndrew, Henry Small about 1971
James Burney, Miles Jackson, Mike Gilis in 1973

Phil Hall, Jack Hiles, Deanna Dubbin, Tom McKillip and
yours truly - "Band du Jour" at Dicken's Pub, 1983

Taken just before we bought the Old Scotch night club

The Neil Gow and Five Knights Band at Y2K


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