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Backline Orchestra Recordings from 1972

These 4 songs were recorded in 1972 at Jim Lewis's "Handlebar Productions" recording studio. The band, at that time, consisted of Ray McAndrew on drums, Gary Bird on guitar and vocals, Ron Casat on Hammond organ and vocals, Bill Eaglesham on the Fender bass, and myself, Miles Jackson on rhodes, vocals, flute, sax and clavinet.

To listen to the songs, right-click on the titles below and select "download target as".... or just double-click and they should play. These songs are best listened to after a hit of acid and some cheap wine...... :-)

1. Hurricane Hotel - instrumental by Miles Jackson
2. Live Music - vocal written by Miles Jackson. Ron Casat vocals
3. Marjorie - written and sung by Ron Casat
4. Wild River - written and performed by Gary Bird

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