Treats at the Beach  

Map to the Treats

We opened "Treats at the Beach" at Ma-Me-O Beach in the summer of 2003.

At that time, we were the only ice cream shop in town. We had a lot of fun and did pretty good business for 10 years, but by 2003, there were 3 ice cream stands within a block, and business was not so good. We had difficulties finding staff here, and I was getting too busy with the Calgary Stampede to help during the best part of the summer. So we closed it down.

In 2020, Covid closed down pretty much anything to do with music, including the Stampede. So, in 2021, we decided to reopen the shop. Although we were a bit late getting started this summer, we had an excellent season right up to Labour Day weekend! It was so much fun seeing our little customers from nearly 20 years ago coming back with their kids for some "Treats at the Beach!"

We are closed for the winter now, but we are looking forward to seeing you next year from mid June until early September.